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2011 Stand Tall Scholars

  • Joseph Charles Reynard, a graduate of Salmen High School and attended Louisiana State University, where he planned to pursue a degree in Architecture.

  • Carley Marie Furlan, attended Southeastern Louisiana University under the Scholars Program.  Carley studied Biology & Pre-Med to pursue a career as a family physician. She is a graduate of Fontainebleau High School.

  • Alan Joseph Cox, Jr., is a graduate of Salmen High School and attended Southeastern Louisiana University where he studied Nursing.

  • Michelle Yvonne McElroy, is a graduate of Northshore High School. Michelle attended Louisiana State University to study Kinesiology - Human Movement.

  • Bethanie Paige Tinker, a graduate of Mandeville High School. Bethanie attended Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA to major in Fashion Design in the College of Design, Engineering and Commerce.

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