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What does Chris Duhon Stand Tall Foundation Do?

Every day is an opportunity to contribute to the quality of a child's life, through education,

recreation and welfare.  Chris Duhon Stand Tall Foundation is committed to building up

children who are the foundation of our communities. We believe an educated child has

unlimited possibilities and it is our desire to serve the community in ways that are

significant and will directly benefit the community's most valued citizens,

children and youth.


Our Objectives

  • Will pursue and create recreational projects that promote health and fitness as well as teach the values of teamwork, commitment, discipline, work ethic and sportsmanship.

  • Will work to address important social issues and welfare for children at risk of hunger.

  • Work with other civic and non-profit organizations to encourage kids to get involved in their local communities.

  • Will team up with local school systems to develop and organize projects to support teachers who face new challenges in teaching. Will work to assist teachers with adequate teaching supplies and tools to provide the best education possible for children.

  • Organize and support after-school programs through schools systems, churches and other youth organization that promote academic success beyond school walls.

The Chris Duhon Hurricane Relief fund was established to provide aid in his hometown of Slidell, Louisiana. Slidell is located on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi. Since the hurricane hit, we worked relentlessly to raise funds and supplies to aid in the rebuilding of the area we still call home. We contributed to the quality of life for Slidell residents and gave hope to our most valuable citizens, children and youth.

A few notable accomplishments. . .

  • With the support of the Chicago Bulls organization, we held three clothing and food drives. We immediately delivered three 18-wheelers full of food, water, clothes, toiletries, baby products, school supplies & book packs.

  • Provided financial assistance to several churches and schools in Slidell, LA. St Tammany Parish Schools reopened October 2005.

  • Boys & Girls Club of Slidell.  Provided financial assistance to rebuild the Boys & Girls Club of Slidell. The club is located in an area where many families rely on the after-school program. The club reopened July 17, 2006.

  • East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity.  Teamed up with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation to build Habitat for Humanity homes in Slidell. The first build day was July 12, 2006. After months of sweat, tears and cheers, the families moved into their homes in October 2007.

  • Slidell Youth Basketball Association (SYBA),  A recreational basketball program for area youth. Chris is a product of SYBA where he served as coach and referee while in high school.

  • School uniforms were purchased for children that attended Abney Elementary and Honey Island Elementary Schools. Uniforms are required for all public schools in Slidell.

  • We assisted in book drives to replace library books at Abney Elementary.

  • We donated funds to replace library books at Salmen High School.

  • Funds were donated to the athletic departments of Salmen High School and St. Tammany Jr. High.

  • With the help of Adidas, we supplied athletic equipment to Salmen High School and St. Tammany Jr. High School; such as athletic shoes (tennis, basketball & football), t-shirts, uniforms, socks, basketballs, etc.

Salmen High School

Funds were donated funds to the general scholarship fund of Salmen High School. We also donated funds to the graduating seniors prom, graduation, senior trip and other senior class activities; otherwise many of these activities would not have happened.

  • Salmen High School is the only school on the Gulf Coast that was completely destroyed.

  • Chris graduated with honors in May 2000 from Salmen High School.

City of Slidell

Donated funds to the City of Slidell to help with the rebuilding. We have remained in constant contact with then Mayor Ben Morris about the ongoing needs of the city.

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