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What does Chris Duhon Stand Tall Foundation Do?

The Chris Duhon Stand Tall Foundation is committed to contributing to the quality of life

of children in their ability to be fit and healthy. We have numerous areas where we perform

work or donate to assist with their ability to have proper playground and recreation areas.

  • Operation 21 - project to refurbish/rebuild outside basketball courts/play areas.

  • Triple Threat - Dance-Step-Cheer Camp.

  • Project P.L.A.Y. - Playground Laughter and Amusement for our Youth; a project to improve and/or install new and improved playground equipment in public parks

  • Basketball Camps

Our Objectives

  • Will pursue and create recreational projects that promote health and fitness as well as teach the values of teamwork, commitment, discipline, work ethic and sportsmanship.

  • Will work to address important social issues and welfare for children at risk of hunger.

  • Work with other civic and non-profit organizations to encourage kids to get involved in their local communities.

  • Will team up with local school systems to develop and organize projects to support teachers who face new challenges in teaching. Will work to assist teachers with adequate teaching supplies and tools to provide the best education possible for children.

  • Organize and support after-school programs through schools systems, churches and other youth organization that promote academic success beyond school walls.


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