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WHO: The Chris Duhon Stand Tall Foundation (CDSTF) in partnership with Art of Stepping (AOS)

WHAT: The Sneakers-2-Succeed (S2) Campaign is a year-long campaign, to collect new or gently used sneakers for children in need.

WHERE: Will host several events and establish several drop-off areas for people to easily donate their brand new/gently used sneakers. Collected sneakers will be donated to selected charities and organizations that work with area children in need. Our mission is to help get our youth active and moving.

WHY: Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the U.S. The only way to prevent further growth of this chronic illness and intervene in the current obesity cases is by coming together and combating this illness at various angles. Sneakers-2-Succeed is just one angle and we hope that you will join us in collecting sneakers so that even children who are in need have a chance to combat their obesity.

It is important that we begin now to PROACTIVELY RE-EDUCATE OUR COMMUNITIES about changing their behaviors and lifestyles for a healthier option through fun activities!!

Art of Stepping TM


is a set of national, interactive programs for youth in K-12 based on a tested curriculum that teaches stepping through the use of mathematical formulas. The curriculum, which is focuses on "fighting childhood obesity and learning mathematics," is localized and adapted based on the needs of the community and the school being served. The AOS Program is the first of its kind in the nation and is overseen and administered by Remo Production, Inc., which is founded by Jessica "REMO" Saul.

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